How creativity fuels innovation.

Gregory Wilson

Innovation is considered a process to place new ideas into practice where creativity acts as a vital tool

Thompson, G., & Lordan, M. (1999). A Review of Creativity Principles Applied to Engineering Design. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers -- Part E -- Journal of Process Mechanical Engineering (Professional Engineering Publishing), 213(1), 17.

This wiki lists processes and products that assist in turning creativity into innovation.

Design Thinking

Focusing creativity on people instead of technology

Utilizes divergent thinking and group creativity

Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that draws from the designer's toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success.” —Tim Brown, president and CEO


Crash Course on Design Thinking - learn design thinking in one day

Design Thinking for Educators - toolkit for introducing design thinking in a K-12 classroom

Research as Design - taking a design thinking approach to academic research

Gamestorming- a list of games that makes brainstorming more fun

Design Sprints - a process for going through the design thinking process quickly

Innovation Engine - Created by Stanford professor Tina Seelig, it is a model for fostering creativity


Maker's movement

"Connect things" and foster new experiences

3D Printing - bringing your ideas to life

MakeyMakey - a kit used to bring your computer to life

Maker's Faire - local and international events for showcasing projects, participating in workshops, and engaging with the makers community.

Spark Truck- an educational mobile maker's workshop for kids

Makers: The New Industrial Revolution


Spaces for innovation

Flexible places that foster and encourage creativity

Context, place, and environment are important for fostering creativity. Be mindful of how your space is affecting your creative mindset.

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A space in the d school at Stanford

Make Space: How to Set the Stage for Creative Collaboration


How to advocate for expanded access to engineering labs as on-campus 'maker space'


How to build and outfit an on-campus innovation space

Other Examples:
__Georgia Tech Innovation Studio__

Other Resources on Innovation

Eight Pillars of Innovation