Octavia Fugerson

Creativity in Foster Care

Youth in foster care are faced with a number of unique issues that require unique solutions. These youth are challenged with social, educational, mental, emotional and even physical problems. Law and policy often restrict youth in foster care from obtaining the arousal or satisfaction they desire as children. This excerpt explores the unfamiliar world of foster care and explains how creativity is constantly used.
Embarrassmentof Living Situation - Stories youth tell peers to prevent socially uncomfortable moments.
Leave me the f*c# alone!!! - Lies youth tell professionals so they can stop asking questions.
Oh so you think I’m crazy: I'll show you crazy.
- Stories youth create and deliver to people who have low expectations of them. (stereotype threat)

Decisions that may lead to incarcerations
- I want to look nice too.
- We just want to eat.
- Fight, Flight, Freeze. You can’t hurt me.
Coping mechanism: Hey remember when...
- False stories youth create about home or another place to escape mental distress

Making a way out of no way and getting connected with my siblings.
- Methods youth use to get connected with siblings.

I’m going to have fun.
- Ways youth have fun when their options are limited.